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Last edit: 10-20-2013

I'm still working on getting everything reposted, and there's always a chance for new stuff. But here's the (in progress) masterlist of my fanworks.

Fanfic should be up to date (with a couple Old Shame fics to be done eventually (and some tourney entries maybe), vids linked to lj list, "graphics" nothing yet


See vid Master post on lj
)To be updated with dw/flashback posts later)


Project Master Posts

100 Drabbles of Summer 2011
100 days, 100 drabbles

Drabbles of Summer 2012
100 days, 100 drabbles...not really, only 8

100 Drabbles of Summer 2013
100 days, 100 drabbles, again

Taking Chances series | Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1
Snapshots from my headcanon crossover, one sentence at a time. Rose/Daniel

The Final Testament of Sir Guy of Gisborne | Robin Hood (2006)
As Guy is dying he reflects back on his life, a life he’s finally made enough peace with that he can admit his failing and his mistakes.

Though Memory Imperfect | Doctor Who, HN/FoB AU
When Martha and John Smith arrive in 1913 they encounter the mysterious Anne Young, whose forgotten past is more important than any of them know. Ten/Rose (John/Anne), Martha

To Find a Light in Darkness | The Vampire Diaries
Klaus avenges the loss of Finn by killing Jeremy. Elena and Elijah, both broken and angry about the loss of their family members, turn to each other.
1. To Weather the Storm | NC-17
2. To Shut the World Away | NC-17
3. To Take Each Step In Turn | NC-17 (multi-chapter)


3rd Rock from the Sun

So Much for Being Footloose | It's Disco Baby
Dick needs to learn about disco, and hates dancing

Ashes to Ashes

Girls’ Night Out | Alex, Shaz
Fast & Furious; Shaz and Alex bonding time

ASOIAF/Game of Thrones

Rash Decisions | Jorah
Jorah reflects on his dishonor as he prepares to flee Westeros.

Babylon 5

As Things Fall Apart | John/Delenn
John and Delenn have a moment in the calm before the storm.

Try to Fly | John Sheridan
‘Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.' Sheridan on Z’ha’dum

Battlestar Galactica

Brothers | John Cavil, Daniel
A moment between One and Seven, two very different machines/brothers.


Summer Snapshots | Jeff/Annie
A look at how Jeff and Annie’s relationship progressed over the years.

Doctor Who

A Spoiler Smile | Doctor/Rose
Ten/Rose: The library wasn't the only or first time River saw Ten.

Borrow the Moment | Doctor/Rose
The Doctor stumbles into a trap that forces him to confront the chance he lost.

Empty Space | Ten
The Doctor’s thoughts during ‘42’ approximately during the possession.

Journey's End Drabbles | Ten/Rose/Cloen
The Doctors reflect on whether they really were born lucky

Long Way to Go | Rose, Donna, Doctor/Rose
What if the Rose at the end of Partners in Crime had been Rose from after Turn Left?

No Shining Star | Ten/Rose
or, Five Things the Doctor Hates About Rose Now

Once Upon Some Red Tape | Doctor/Rose
The Doctor and Rose visit a planet that takes its fairy tales far too seriously.

Something So Human | Eleven
The Doctor reflects on how different he is from his human companions.

What He Knows Is Coming | Ten
Why the Doctor is actually able to deal with losing Rose and Donna, it would have been worse if they'd stayed.


Some Call it Fate
Aeryn reflects on how the Moya crew came together.


Thinking About You | Niles/Daphne
Daphne is always on Niles’s mind.

Legend of the Seeker

Love Across Time | Richard, Cara, Richard/Kahlan
Richard and Cara moment in the season 1 finale.

Tainted Love | Cara/Dalia
Cara and Dalia through the years.

Legends of Tomorrow

Captains' Tough | Sara/Rip
1sentence snapshots through s2, half canon, half AU

Robin Hood

Demons in the Dark | Guy
Guy and his demons.

Group Hug, Brothers in Arms, Family, Security | Ensemble
A collection of drabbles based of the Robin Hood finale.

The Handsome Stranger | Meg/Guy
Meg imagines her finale moments full of music and dancing.

The Vampire Diaries

Dangerous But Fun | Klaus/Elena/Elijah NC-17
Klaus coerces Elena and Elijah into a threesome, everyone has fun.

Inquiries and Illusions | Elena/Elijah
Missing scene from 4x18, between the gazebo and the alley

Resolved | Elena, the Originals
Drabbles about Elena’s feelings on the Originals and agreeing to Esther’s plan for them.

The Chase | Elijah/Elena/Tatia/Katherine
Elijah/Elena(/Katherine/Tatia) - Elijah dreams while he's in the dagger-induced sleep.

The Road and the Radio | Rebekah, Elijah
Rebekah and Elijah roadtripping it back to Mystic Falls, follows 4x18

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda | Elijah, Elijah/Elena
Elijah reflects on the ways in which his relationship might have been different if things had gone according to plan.

Ugly Betty

For the Fall
Betty and Daniel prepare for Halloween in London.


Some New Horizon | TVD/Castle
Elena and Jeremy get a fresh start in New York City with the gang from Castle.


Afterlife Theater | Robin Hood
The events of the series finale from the POV of the dead characters watching it.

Limericks celebrating the silly side of ASOIAF.

Birdsongs in Winter | ASOIAF
How would Petyr imagine Game of Thrones if he was the one in charge of its production?

Haiku for House Stark Woman | ASOIAF
What it says on the tin.

The Ex-Companion Chat Room | Doctor Who
Former companions gather online to discuss the events of LotTL (and Martha's blog).

The Master’s Secret Fiction Concepts | Doctor Who
he Master doesn't write fanfic, he just keeps a list of story ideas involving himself, the Doctor, Rose, and Lucy (and some Jack).

Old Shame (aka Buffy fic)

Forced Perspective | Buffy/Giles
Buffy and Giles get clued in to each other's emotions during Tabula Rasa.

I Volunteer
Buffy catches Giles singing, with expected, smoocharific results.

Running | Buffy/Giles
Buffy's thoughts after she leaves the Magic Box in "Grave".

Truths My Watcher Sang Me | Buffy/Giles
Post-‘Lies My Parents Told Me’ fix-it fic.

What's in a Name | Buffy/Giles
An effort to explain why the Buffybot stopped calling Guy-les, ad in fact didn’t call him by name at all in s6.



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