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Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV) / Castle
Pairing: various, Castle/Beckett, Elena/Elijah, Jeremy/Alexis; plus a lot of non-romantic relationships especially Elena-Jeremy
Theme set: Delta (although since it’s not one pairing based it’s not being posted to [ profile] 1sentence)
Title: Some New Horizon
Author: [personal profile] jedi_of_urth
Rating: Probably nothing above PG, certainly nothing more than you get on the shows
Warning[s]: Spoilers through the end of TVD s3 (and nothing beyond that beyond obvious outcomes), goes AU sometime around Castle 5x05 but there’s a couple references to events afterward.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] got_swagger for inspiration and encouragement.

#01 – Air
They needed to get out of Mystic Falls, even if the Council hadn’t been on the war path against vampires it was getting hard to breathe in this town anymore for all the awful memories.

#02 - Apples
New York City, the Big Apple; in the past it might have scared a couple kids from Mystic Falls, now it hardly phased them.

#03 - Beginning
Martha Rogers invited Elena and Jeremy in without concern for her safety, which was convenient for the moment, but they were going to have to get the Castle/Rogers household better guarded against vampires.

#04 - Bugs
When they were kids Richard Castle was just Rick, now Alaric is Ric and he’s dead and the idea of calling another guardian Rick is more difficult than they had expected.

#05 - Coffee
Once Elena’s filled her coffee cup, Jeremy slips vervain into the rest of the pot, keeps the rest of them safe from the creatures of the night including her.

#06 - Dark
It’s not that they haven’t learned a lesson or two about keeping people in the dark, but it’s so nice to act like things are normal for a while that they don’t really entertain the idea of telling Rick, Alexis, Martha, and Kate about everything they’ve brought into the house.

#07 - Despair
Rick thought dealing with Kate’s demons had been a monumental task, one look at the Gilbert children (who had been such happy children until the last time he saw them at Miranda and Grayson’s funeral) makes him think he didn’t know what emotionally damaged and guarded were until now.

#08 - Doors
“Alexis get back,” Jeremy commands forcefully as he shoves her away from what she thought was Elena at the door; the next thing she knows he’s pulled a crossbow out of the hall closet (what the hell?) – “What do you want Katherine?”

#09 - Drink
Rick thinks their teasing him when they tell him how vampires are real; he needs a stiff drink once Elena vamps out in front of him,

#10 - Duty
Rick packs them all off to the Hamptons for a couple weeks (he hadn’t imagined the next time he managed to get Kate up there his mother and three teenage children would be along), because he’ll be damned if he lets Alexis back to college without some knowledge of how to defend herself from vampires.

#11 - Earth
Kate’s well aware of how much her world has changed when she actually suspects supernatural involvement in their case, and realizes that Ryan and Epso should hear the truth from her before Castle blurts it out at some crime scene where she has to has to agree.

#12 - End
Alexis recommends the time-honored break-up ritual of burning things that belonged to Stefan and Damon as a way of helping Elena put those relationships behind her.

#13 - Fall
Elena had started writing again as a way to help herself fall asleep at night, but when Rick asks if she’s still as interested as she was when she was a kid she realizes it’s a golden opportunity to try.

#14 - Fire
There’s a darkness in Jer’s eyes as he stares someone down with his laser-tag gun, and when he shoots it’s always to kill.

#15 - Flexible
Taking in the Gilbert kids isn’t at all like raising Alexis, Rick figures they still have things they’re keeping from him just because they’re so used to running their own lives that they can no longer imagine involving an actual adult.

#16 - Flying
Jeremy hadn’t accounted for the fact that Elena’s heightened vampire senses would be able to smell the fact that he was high even faster than she’d always been able to tell when he was using.

#17 - Food
Cows’ and pigs’ blood aren’t as good as human blood, but Rick does get it for her honestly so she saves her few stolen blood bags for emergencies or necessities (she won’t go completely without, she doesn’t want to lose the ability to handle human blood the way Stefan did).

#18 - Foot
Elena had to laugh that it really hits her that they’re not in Mystic Falls again when they go a full month without a school dance.

#19 - Grave
Javier could not believe that Kate Beckett of all people was sitting there telling him in all seriousness that she didn’t believe a suspect’s confession because she thought a vampire had used mind control on the man.

#20 - Green
They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but Alexis had never been less envious of a close sibling relationship than she was Elena and Jeremy’s; they were all each other had and Alexis wouldn’t choose that for anything.

#21 - Head
Back in Mystic Falls, sympathy and compulsion had been getting their entire group through high school, to the point where Elena and Jeremy had forgotten how much easier it was when they were just be able to focus on doing class work.

#22 - Hollow
“Tell me I’m wrong,” Rick asked when Kate set down the pages she’d read, but she couldn’t; Elena’s writing made it clear – to Castle as a writer and Kate by bitter experience – how much pain the girl was in that she had no other safe way to express.

#23 - Honor
Jeremy can’t quite believe Elijah had the nerve to track them down, and he really can’t believe Elena looks happy to see him.

#24 - Hope
“I just hope you’re making smart choices,” Rick advices awkwardly, Elena’s not sure if he thinks she’s going out feeding or on a date.

#25 - Light
The lights of New York bother Jeremy when he’s trying to sleep at night, but on the whole he still sleeps easier than he would back in Mystic Falls.

#26 - Lost
Finally Martha pointed out that it was ridiculous to always make Elijah wait in the hall like somebody’s lost puppy and invited him inside, not for the first time Jeremy wondered if Bonnie could find them a way to undo invitations if it became a problem.

#27 - Metal
Alexis twists her new vervain charm necklace around her finger and wonders if Jeremy picked it out himself, and then wonders why it matters to her if he did.

#28 - New
Elena still isn’t sure about her new haircut, she always liked her long hair but this way she doesn’t look nearly so much like any other doppelganger.

#29 - Old
Elena looks so very hopeful when she asks if Bonnie and Caroline can come stay with them over spring break that Rick is taken aback, she looks far more like a normal teenager than he’s grown accustomed to seeing her as.

#30 - Peace
Jeremy supposed on the occasion that the ghost of a dead witch had followed Rick and Kate home and had enough force of personality to make Jeremy see her (she seemed surprised enough that Jeremy didn’t think she’d even been trying) that he could help the witch find peace and move on.

#31 - Poison
Kevin had forgotten he’d already spiked the break room coffee with vervain until Elena practically choked on her cup of it, which they couldn’t compel the other offices to forget about (not that they know what it means anyway) since they’d been drinking the same stuff.

#32 - Pretty
Elena lights up like a Christmas tree and following her line of sight Kate isn’t terribly surprised to see Elijah scored himself an invite to Castle’s latest book launch party.

#33 - Rain
The light but continuous rain is messing up Elijah’s perfectly styled hair the longer they keep walking around in it (to say nothing of Elena’s own she figures), but he doesn’t seem to mind and finally Elena just has to kiss him.

#34 - Regret
“Well Elena, it’s well written enough, but I’m pretty sure you could never publish it unless you want to out yourself to the world as a vampire; and as someone who has put more than one secret out there for the world to see I’d advise you against doing it with this one.”

#35 - Roses
History class still makes Elena miss Alaric, but Elijah offering his first-hand account of the War of the Roses keeps things quite different from Mystic Falls High’s obsession with the town’s own history.

#36 - Secret
Elena still hadn’t worked out how to bring up the Elijah situation with Bonnie and Caroline, but Martha forced it into the light by asking them if Elena had told them anything about her “secret boyfriend.”

#37 - Snakes
“Big mistake,” Elena says just before she sinks her fangs into the neck of the man trying to kidnap Alexis; Alexis grabs Sara’s hand and runs before she witnesses any more of what’s about to happen.

#38 - Snow
As much as they both know they’re better off now than they were back in Mystic Falls, both Jeremy and Elena watch the snow covered New York City with a bit of homesickness for the sight of the quiet woods back home on a winter day.

#39 - Solid
For Elena and Jeremy the last few months seem stable, even sedate; to Rick the same few months make him feel like he may never be standing on solid ground again.

#40 - Spring
Beckett and Castle spring apart every time Gates walks into a room they’re in, she wonders which of their many secrets – that she’s well aware they’re keeping from her –they were discussing now.

#41 - Stable
It’s not that Jeremy doesn’t want to kiss Alexis then and there after she tells him she likes him, but his life is just starting to feel normal again and he doesn’t want to risk that.

#42 - Strange
Elena’s New York friends think she’s strangely blasé about college decisions but they don’t understand how little it matters to her after everything she’s been through in the last two years.

#43 - Summer
“I was thinking we might go away together this summer,” Elijah suggests as they lie in bed together, and for all Elena’s thoughts about spending time with her extended family after graduation the idea of running off with Elijah is pretty tempting.

#44 - Taboo
Rick can’t resist trying to insert a supernatural element into his next novel, but Gina quickly reminds him that the Nikki Heat books take place in the real world and no one’s going to accept magic in it now (and she thought they got past this every time he wanted Derek Storm to find the occult underworld was really supernatural).

#45 - Ugly
When the current case turns out to lead to the Triple Killer, they turn off the recorders and let Elena and Elijah rip every bit of information from the accomplice’s mind.

#46 - War
It’s about that time of year when the war between Kate and Bracken seems to regularly flare up and she’s anxious because she keeps adding more people to the list that cares about who could be hurt by it, regardless of the fact that some of them are quite capable of taking care of themselves.

#47 - Water
Jeremy watches Alexis swim with a sort of sad and resigned self-denial and Alexis is well aware of it; “I won’t wait forever,” she tells him before she swims away again but he still doesn’t follow.

#48 - Welcome
Martha is the first to run up and welcome Elena home, but it’s Jeremy who hugs her tightest – also unlike Martha he doesn’t move on to hugging Elijah.

#49 - Winter
They were already making plans for what they would all do over Christmas break, Elena was just glad to be able to think like that again – that they expected to have a future a few months from now that they could plan for.

#50 - Wood
“Just so we’re clear,” Jeremy informs Elijah after they’ve gotten Elena’s things moved into her and Alexis’s dorm room, “you ever hurt my sister and I will have Matt dig up the white oak stake and send it to me;” Elena not sure whether to laugh or be concerned at how much thought he’s clearly put into that statement.


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